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Service Wire Pruning. Tree Clearing Power Lines.

Energy providers and the Office of Energy set and enforce permanent clearance profiles for trees and services. They also require the work to be completed by qualified and electrically certified operators, using insulated elevated work platforms and tools. Our workers at Cut It Right Tree Service have had Powerline Safety certification, including ground crew, and our EWPs are insulated and tested. Add quality pruning to the mix and you can rest assure that a safe and compliant job, aimed at minimising regrowth will be undertaken.

The impact of trees growing along side powerlines can be disruptive and extremely hazardous. Power regularly audits street trees and house lines, issuing compliance notices to property owners. There are specific guidelines set down by Work Safe Power for the work to be carried out on their assets, the power lines.

We are qualified arborist experienced in the clearance of powerlines.


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